New Executive Director at Ohio ACOFP

Wills Retires and Transitions to Executive Director Emeritus

(February 26, 2018) Matt Harney, MBA, formerly associate executive director at the Oklahoma OsteopathicMatt Harney Association, is the new executive director at Ohio ACOFP. The change comes as Jon F. Wills, who led the profession statewide as director of Ohio ACOFP and Ohio Osteopathic Association, retires from his position and transitions to executive director emeritus. Ohio ACOFP is managed and staffed by the OOA.

At the Oklahoma association, Harney led the mentor/mentee program that paired osteopathic students with physician mentors, coordinated the "Doctor of the Day" program at the state capitol, presented legislative updates at seminars and district meetings, represented the organization in stakeholder groups, and served as a liaison to the medical students. He also led messaging efforts to the membership and the public, among other duties. This past fall, he was inducted into Omega Beta Iota, the national osteopathic political action honor society that recognizes politically active medical students and professional mentors who demonstrate excellent health care politics.

Before his work in association management, Harney owned a political consulting firm and served as executive director for the campaign arm of a state legislative caucus.

Harney, who met with the Ohio ACOFP Board of Governors at its February meeting, was selected by a special search committee, consisting of OOA leaders Sean D. Stiltner, DO; Geraldine N. Urse, DO, Ohio ACOFP president-elect; Jennifer J. Hauler, DO, who currently serves on the Ohio ACOFP Board; Charles D. Milligan, DO; and other osteopathic leaders: Richard A. Vincent, MBA, recently retired president/CEO of the Osteopathic Heritage Foundations; Kenneth H. Johnson, DO, executive dean of Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine; and Ohio ACOFP Past President William J. Burke, DO, who currently serves on the American Osteopathic Association Board of Trustees.

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