Columbus Docs in the Spotlight at State Convention

OOA President-elect William F. "Rusty" Emlich, Jr., DO, of Delaware, was installed as the organization's 100th president. The inaugural ceremony was held June 22, followed by a reception. Emlich was also the guest of honor at another reception, jointly hosted by COA and his alma mater, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Several Central Ohio DOs were honored for their work and commitment to the profession. Anita M. Steinbergh, DO, of Westerville, was named Ohio ACOFP Physician of the Year; Richard J. Snow, DO, of Worthington, received the OOA Trustees Award; Donald R. Furci, DO, of Grove City, received the M. Bridget Wagner, DO, Humanitarian Award; Paige S. Gutheil, DO, of Columbus, received Ohio ACOFP's Young Family Physician of the Year Award; and three physicians, Elliott P. Feldman, DO, Richard N. McCarty, DO, and Ronald J. Zarzycki, DO, received life membership awards. In addition, William J. Burke, DO, of New Albany, was recognized for his work as Ohio ACOFP President; and Robert S. Seiple, DO, of Columbus, was re-elected speaker of the House.

Twenty-three COA members participated in the OOA House of Delegates meeting held during the Convention where DOs from across Ohio elected 2007-2008 OOA officers, debated resolutions, and adopted policy positions that affect Ohio's healthcare delivery system. COA President Donald R. Furci, DO, led the delegation as chair. Other delegates included William J. Burke, DO; John A. Cocumelli, DO; Robert L. Cox, DO; Franklin Demint, DO; Rebecca DeVillers, DO; Andrew Eilerman, DO; William F. Emlich, Jr., DO; William F. Emlich, Sr., DO; Mark Garwood, DO; Paige S. Gutheil, DO; Roy Harris, DO; Jim Perez, DO; Gary Saltus, DO; Richard E. Schimmoller, DO; Richard J. Snow, DO; Anita M. Steinbergh, DO; Daryl R. Sybert, DO; Eugene Trell, DO; Charles G. VonderEmbse, DO; Naomi Wriston, DO; Shelby Raiser, DO; and Robert S. Seiple, DO.

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