May 1, 2017: We had a record number of physicians attend the 2017 Symposium. Watch for your Symposium Outcomes Survey later this month. See you next year!
2018: Wednesday 4/25 – Sunday 4/29
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Welcome to the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium



Adrienne Boissy, MD
Chief Experience Officer at Cleveland Clinic

Adrienne Boissy MD
Dr. Boissy -- along with her team -- has created a comprehensive program to strengthen physician and provider communication skills throughout Cleveland Clinic and has trained more than 4,000 staff physicians and house staff to date. She has spoken extensively around the country about the patient and provider experience and the impact of effective communication on both.

Dr. Boissy serves as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Patient Experience. In particular, she has a special interest in the words clinicians choose when conveying information, and the risks and ethics of what she calls “therapeutic mislabeling” versus truth telling.



William Morrone, DO

Street Drugs, Opioids, and Medical Marijuana, Oh My!

MorroneFour out of five heroin addicts in Ohio can trace the start of their addiction to prescription painkillers.

Dr. Morrone is an active addiction educator and social advocate in pain management. He holds a graduate degree in toxicology and pharmacology from University of Missouri at Kansas City. Most notable to pop culture cable TV news viewers is that he has been on Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News, Court TV, CNN, FOXNews and MSNBC.



Joselin Linder
Andrea Amalfitano, PhD, DO

Genetics and Osteopathic Medicine - Partners for Hope:
What We Can Learn from William Linder, DO

Based on the book, The Family Gene: A Mission to Turn My Deadly Inheritance Into a Hopeful Future, celebrated author Joselin Linder teams up with geneticist Andrea Amalfitano to discuss how her father’s mysterious illness set her on a path to investigate its origins and hopefully stop the disease before it kills her too.


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