OOA Discusses Palliative Care Issues with Rep. LaTourette

(February 22, 2018) Cleanne Cass, DO (center) of Dayton, and  Brittany Kasturiarachi, OMS IV (right), who is serving a health policy rotation with the OOA, met with State Rep. Sarah LaTourette (R-Chesterland), February 20, to advocate for changes to the definition of “palliative care” as contained in HB 286.

In addition to LaTourette, sponsor of the bill, they met with representatives from the Ohio Department of Health, State Medical Board of Ohio, and hospice organizations.

OOA staff and members have been seeking to exempt palliative care programs and hospice and palliative care certified physicians in programs owned by hospices from being considered pain clinics and, therefore, subject to pain clinic rules.

Am. HB 286 passed the Ohio House of Representatives and is now waiting on hearings in the Senate Health Committee.

Cass Brittany State Rep

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