Ohio Primary Care Physicians Release Why Ohioans Deserve a Medical Home

The member organizations of the Ohio Coalition of Primary Care Physicians have released a four-page color brochure outlining the concepts of a medical home. Why Ohioans Deserve a Medical Home will be distributed to all newly elected state and federal legislators.

The publication notes that healthcare reform is vital to Ohio and that the patient-centered medical home model is essential to successful healthcare reform. Why Ohioans Deserve a Medical Home provides information for legislators as they work on this important issue, as it details the current healthcare system in crisis, what every Ohioan would have with a personal medical home, and the Patient-centered Primary Care Collaborative definition of what constitutes a medical home. It also includes patients' stories.

Representing more than 15,000 current and future primary care physicians who serve on the front lines of medicine providing care to the citizens of Ohio, the Coalition includes the OOA, Ohio ACOFP, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics-Ohio Chapter, and Ohio Chapter of the American College of Physicians.

Download the publication: www.ooanet.org/pdf/Medical_Home_FINAL_PUBLICATION.pdf

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