OOA Business Partner Offers Lowest Prices for Select Vaccines

The Ohio Osteopathic Association partnership with Atlantic Health Partners provides members with the lowest prices for Sanofi and Merck vaccines, including Sanofi's Fluzone. 

With the issues surrounding flu delivery, it is important to note that Atlantic participating practices received ALL of their 2009 pre-booked Fluzone, which totaled close to one million doses.  In addition to providing the lowest Fluzone prices, Atlantic provides your practice with the most favorable pricing and purchasing terms for a wide scope of pediatric, adolescent, adult,  and travel vaccines purchased directly from these manufacturers (just like you are probably doing now). 

Atlantic's program also extends to discounts on medical and surgical supplies ordered through Sanofi, and there is no cost to join.  For more information, contact Jeff Winokur or Cindy Berenson at 800-741-2044 or e-mail info@atlantichealthpartners.com.

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