HB 334 Aims To Track Drugs Used to Make Meth

State Representatives Terry A. Johnson, DO (R-McDermott) and Danny Bubp (R-Lake Waynoka) have introduced HB 334 to adopt an interstate monitoring system in Ohio that tracks the sale of over-the-counter medicines often used to make methamphetamine.

“This bill is designed to give Ohio law enforcement an effective tool to battle meth production without impeding legitimate consumer access to essential over-the-counter cold and allergy medications,” said Rep. Johnson.

Cold medications containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine are currently available without prescription, but state and federal law limits individual purchases. HB 334 would require Ohio pharmacies to join the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx), a web-based database that monitors the purchases of such medicines in 17 states.

Johnson says consumers will benefit from faster checkout times, while abusers will be more effectively identified with no additional cost to retailers, consumers, or taxpayers.


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