US Task Force Issues Draft Dementia Screening Recommendation

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released a Draft Recommendation Statement on Screening for Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults. The Task Force concluded that there is not enough evidence on the benefits and harms of screening for cognitive impairment to make a recommendation for or against routine screening of all older adults. The draft recommendation applies to adults without signs or symptoms of cognitive impairment. Those with symptoms of memory loss or other cognitive problems should talk to their physician about testing.

The Task Force noted that while there is some evidence that screening can accurately detect mild to moderate dementia, it found no studies on how early detection can help older adults and their families make decisions about health care and plan for the future. USPSTF concluded that more research is needed and noted that physicians should remain alert to early signs or symptoms of cognitive impairment and evaluate their patients as appropriate. To read the draft recommendation, click here.

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