Medical Board Posts Opioid Consent Form for Minors

The State Medical Board has completed a START TALKING! Consent Form, which prescribers must use and maintain in the patient record when prescribing opioids to minors. 

HB 314 (Minor Prescribing), which mandates a three-part process for prescribing  opioids to minors, was effective September 17. It  also limits the quantity of opioids a prescriber may prescribe to a minor to a 72-hour supply. The informed consent process in the bill requires the following:

Assessment.  As part of the  examination of the minor, the prescriber must assess whether the minor has ever suffered, or is currently suffering, from mental health or substance abuse disorders and whether the minor has taken or is currently taking prescription drugs for treatment of those disorders.

Discussion. The prescriber must discuss with the minor and the minor's parent, guardian, or another adult authorized to consent to the minor's medical treatment all of the following:

Signed Consent Form. The prescriber must obtain written consent for the prescription from the minor's parent, guardian, or another adult authorized to consent to the minor's medical treatment The consent must be recorded on a form known as the "Start Talking!" consent form. That form must be separate from any other document the prescriber uses to obtain informed consent for other treatment provided to the minor and contain all of the following information:

 To download the Start Talking form from the State Medical Board of Ohio web site: CLICK HERE




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