Two DOs Named to Concussion Education Committee

The Ohio Department of Health has appointed Jason P. Dapore, DO, of Columbus, and Andrew N. Russman, DO, of Cleveland, to Ohio's Youth Sports Concussion and Head Injury Committee, which is charged with developing concussion educational standards for health professionals serving as team physicians.

The committee has until March 2015 to finalize guidelines that can be used to by respective licensing boards to establish rules and standards for qualified health professionals to clear athletes for return to play after suspected concussions.

The committee is required to hear testimony, beginning Nov. 7,  from each of the following:

Dapore, who was named as the sports medicine representative, was involved in the legislative initiative to pass Ohio's original concussion legislation. He is also the physician representative on the Ohio PT, OT and Athletic Trainers Board and team physician for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Russman was appointed to represent physicians who practice as a neurologist. He is on the staff of the Cleveland Clinic.

The committee is composed of three physicians and three chiropractors.  Other members include:

HB 487, enacted this summer, amended Ohio’s original concussion law to authorize other licensed health care professionals -- in addition to physicians -- to assess and clear athletes for return to play following suspected concussions.

The legislation further required the Director of Health to develop and publish guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of concussion in athletes, along with minimum education requirements to return athletes to play after suspected concussion . It further requires respective licensing boards to adopt rules establishing standards for each profession that are equal to or stronger than the guidelines developed by the committee. Board may also set continuing education requirements needed for their licensees to assess and clear athletes for return to practice or competition.


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