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Hospice Care Enhances Dignity and Peace As Life Nears Its End

Much of the pain and sense of hopelessness that may accompany terminal illness can be eased by services specifically designed to address these needs. Hospice care, a fully reimbursable Medicare Part A benefits option for beneficiaries and providers since 1983, offers the services designed to address the physical and emotional pain through effective palliative treatment when cure is not possible. In the event that a beneficiary has been advised by his/her physician, that a cure for his/her illness is no longer possible, Medicare beneficiaries may discuss hospice care as an option. Physicians and other health care practitioners can be encouraged that the Medicare program includes a hospice benefit that provides coverage for a variety of services and products designed for those with terminal diagnoses. When properly certified and appropriately managed, hospice care is a supportive and valuable covered treatment option.

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