Ohio Osteopathic Political Action Committee

What is OOPAC?

The Ohio Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OOPAC) is a Corporate PAC operating as an affiliated political acition committee of the Ohio Osteopathic Association.  OOPAC is organized under Sections 3517.01(B)(8) and 3517.082 of the Ohio Revised Code.

OOPAC's purpose is to provide an opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the osteopathic profession to contribute and support candidates for Ohio statewide or state legislative offices who have demonstrated their beliefs in and the principles to which osteopathic medicine is dedicated.  OOPAC's primary goal is to elect and re-elect pro-physician candidates to serve in the Ohio General Assembly.  We accomplish this through direct support of OOPAC endorsed candidates, providing voter information on elections, issues, and candidates, and the political activism of our members.

How is the Committee Elected?

Committee members are osteopathic physicians elected by the OOA Board of Trustees to serve three-year, staggered terms.  The PAC is not affiliated with any political party. The current board members and the year their terms expire are:

Paul A. Martin, DO, Secretary, Dayton (2018)
Peter A. Bell, DO, Columbus (2017)
Jennifer L. Gwilym, DO, Athens (2018)
Robert S. Juhasz, DO, Cleveland (2016)
John F. Ramey, DO, Sandusky (2017)

How are we Funded?

OOPAC's political activities are funded by the voluntary contributions of OOA members above and beyond their membership dues. Donors are encouraged to make contributions by personal check or personal credit card.  

Incorporated Professional Corporations may donate to a PAC but must clearly identify the entity, the owner(s), and the amount credited to any owner(s) to ensure proper reporting.  For example, if Dr. John Smith wants to donate money to a PAC and he is one of the owners of XYZ Medical, LLC with Dr. Jane Smith, the other owner, the contribution must clearly state the name of the entity (in this case XYZ Medical, LLC), the capacity of the person(s) sending the check (in this case Dr. John Smith owner and Dr. Jane Smith owner), and it must be clear what percentage the donation should be credited to the individual owner(s) (in this case 50% Dr. John Smith and 50% Dr. Jane Smith). Ohioans who also make contributions directly to a candidate for state office can claim a credit on their their state income tax return ($50 for individuals filing separately, or $100 on a joint return).

The Ohio Osteopathic Association's PAC cannot make contributions to Ohio candidates for federal office. Therefore OOA members are encouraged to also consider making similar contributions to the federal Osteopathic Political Action Committee.  

Donate Online

Contributions in any amount are vital to OOPAC's success. Contributors are recognized by annual giving in the categories shown below. Make your contribution today.

Governor's Circle $1,000 - $5,000
Rotunda Club $500 - $999
Chairman's Club $250 - $499
Patrons Up to $249