State Legislation

StatehouseThe OOA works to protect the physician-patient relationship and advocates to preserve the physician-led health care team in state law.

We are fighting on the front line at the Ohio Statehouse in battles involving practice regulation, Medicaid reimbursement, BWC compensation, tort reform and HMO/insurance company regulation to name a few. These areas of your practice are controlled by the states, not the federal government.

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For information about Congressional bills and regulatory issues at the federal level, check the American Osteopathic Association Action Center.


Legislative Roundup

Lawmakers Announce Articles of Impeachment Against DeWine

[August 28, 2020]

House Republicans allege the Ohio governor violated civil liberties when he issued state orders to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Senate Committee Continues Hearings on Racism as a Public Health Crisis

[June 24, 2020]

The Ohio Senate Health, Human Services & Medicaid Committee met today for several hours with SCR 14, which would declare racism a public health crisis, occupying much of the agenda.

House Votes to Allow Fireworks

[June 8, 2020]

Opponents of the bill say passage would result in a surge of emergency room visits as studies show the frequency and severity of fireworks injuries increase when discharge is legalized in a state.

House Passes Civil Immunity Bill

[May 28, 2020]

The House of Representatives approved legislation, 83-9, that grants immunity to health care workers, businesses, and others who provide essential services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Rejects House Attempts to Curb Acton Powers

[May 22, 2020]

State senators unanimously voted this week to not concur with House of Representatives changes to SB 1, namely limiting the authority of the Health Director during a state of emergency.

OOA Seeks Physician Protections During Pandemic

[May 19, 2020]

Physicians are on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 and are being called upon to serve in crisis hotspots. They do so at risk to their own health, and, because of the patchwork of medical liability laws that exist in the country, their careers.

House Republicans Look to Reduce Health Department, DeWine Authority

[May 8, 2020]

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine slammed state lawmakers who seek to curb the power of the governor and his appointee during a public health crisis.

OU-HCOM Student Begins Health Policy Rotation

[March 5, 2020]

E. Scott Wong, PhD, a fourth-year medical student at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine-Athens, started a two-week rotation at the OOA office this week.

Most Ohioans Favor Expanding Medicare

[December 2, 2019]

An Ohio Health Issues Poll released last week shows 71 percent of Ohio adults support the idea of allowing people younger than 65 to buy insurance through the Medicare program.

Ohio DO Testifies in Opposition to HB 177

[November 20, 2019]

Paige Gutheil Henderson, DO, a Columbus-area family physician, testified against HB 177 at the Ohio House of Representatives Health Committee yesterday. She outlined why removing or weakening collaboration agreements between a nurse practitioner and a physician is detrimental to patient care.

House Health Committee Schedules Possible Vote for HB 177

[November 14, 2019]

Legislation that would fundamentally change how physicians and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) work together to safely and effectively care for patients has been slated for a vote early next week.

House of Medicine Convenes

[November 8, 2019]

About 40 individuals representing physician organizations met last week to discuss common issues, particularly state legislation that affects the doctor-patient relationship.

Not Health Related, but a “Timely” Topic

[November 1, 2019]

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend as we set the clocks an hour early on Sunday morning. A few legislators are hoping to make this the last time Ohioans “fall back.”

Be an Advocate for Your Profession

[October 25, 2019]

The OOA mission is to promote the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine. Physicians are the most highly trained and educated professionals (in health care or otherwise). Help us share this with state lawmakers and others!

“Tobacco21” Takes Effect Today

[October 17, 2019]

Ohio’s new law, signed by Gov. Mike DeWine in July, raises the age to buy tobacco and related products from 18 to 21. The Tobacco 21 initiative, a national campaign aimed at increasing the minimum legal age, has long been supported by the Ohio Osteopathic Association.

Ohio Senate Unanimously Approves Bill Requiring Notice of Patient Charges

[October 14, 2019]

SB 97 would require health care providers and hospitals to provide a “reasonable, good faith” cost estimate, or price range, of scheduled services at the advance request of patients beginning July 1, 2021.

Former House Speaker Resigns

[September 27, 2019]

Former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Ryan Smith, who earlier this year lost his bid to keep the speakership, announced his resignation yesterday to take a position in academia.

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

[September 26, 2019]

Ohioans can now watch all Ohio House of Representatives committee meetings online. Statehouse leaders announced this week that cameras have been installed to enable live streaming for all House hearings through The Ohio Channel.