Linking You to Your State Association

In order to be a member of the Ohio Osteopathic Association, you must also belong to your local District Academy. Your local organization helps you to network with DOs in your vicinity and provides a forum to address issues of mutual concern.

Districts offer a variety of programs and services and local dues vary according to the level of services and administrative support offered. Districts provide professional support to DOs locally and promote osteopathic visibility and outreach in the community.

Each district must hold a minimum of four meetings a year to offer continuing medical education opportunities, conduct business, and provide social activities for DOs and their spouses.

OOA members in each district elect a physician to serve on the OOA Board of Trustees. Districts also elect representatives to attend the OOA Annual House of Delegates, which approves budgets, sets state policy, elects state officers, and determines Ohio leadership at the American Osteopathic Association.


Resources for District Leadership

Sample Budget (Word Document)
Sample Bylaws (PDF)
CME Joint Sponsorship
Writing Better Resolutions (PDF)

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