Session Ends with a Flurry of Bills

[December 2018] Legislation to Reform Step Therapy Approved during Lame Duck

(December 2018) Multiple health-related bills were considered by the state legislature during the lame duck session of the 132nd General Assembly and became law with Gov. John Kasich's signature. 

Step therapy reform was among the approved bills. OOA members and staff advocated for the bill in collaboration with a coalition of 50 physician and patient groups. The bill addresses protocols that allow health insurers to deny coverage for certain prescriptions until the patient first tries a similar medicine—usually at less cost to the insurer. The patient must ‘fail first’ on the insurer’s chosen medication.  

Bills Signed by Gov. Kasich:

HB 131: enables PTs to make PT diagnosis to treat physical impairments, functional limitations and physical disabilities.

HB 464: sets rules for the treatment and transportation of stroke victims.

SB 259: revises regulation of physician assistants, dentists, and dental hygienists. The bill increases the maximum number of PAs a physician can supervise from 3 to 5. The bill also streamlines licensure requirements and makes procedural changes in the PA drug formulary process.

HB 286: creates the Palliative Care & Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Council.

HB 541: allows health care providers licensed in other states to take part in charity health care events.

SB 119: allows naloxone, naltrexone, and medication-assisted treatment to be filled in specific emergency situations. 

SB 229: modifies Pharmacy Board regulation of controlled substances.

SB 259: revise regulations on physician assistants, dentists, and dental hygienists.

SB 265: step therapy reform protocols (previously SB 56/HB 72).

HB 541: allows health care providers licensed in other states to take part in charity health care events.

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